Over the past six years, the 15th Avenue East Merchants
Association has worked hard to provide community-driven advocacy for the benefit of Capitol Hill’s vibrant 15th Avenue East corridor. We wish to expand upon our success by creating an official business/community improvement district, to be recognized by the City of Seattle. It is to include the properties located on 15th Avenue East north of East Denny Way and south of East Mercer Street. This proposal will ensure that no property or business will be excluded from the cleaning, safety, transportation, and advocacy services provided by the planned 15th Avenue East Community Improvement District.

The 15th Avenue East Community Improvement District (“CID”) will focus on enhancing civic and community partnerships, transportation, safety, and cleanliness for the benefit of property owners, businesses, tenants, employees and patrons by performing activities that go above and beyond the basic services provided by the City of Seattle. The CID is governed by the neighborhood, which means how the funds are spent is a local decision. The 15th Avenue East Community Improvement District is administered by the Ratepayers’ Advisory Board, that is comprised of business and property owners from the district and neighborhood.


Street Beautification
Street & Sidewalk Cleaning
Garbage Can Program



Safety Classes & Events
Social Service Outreach



Issue Focused Advocacy
Communications & Outreach Marketing
15th Avenue East Street Festival
Grant Opportunities